Speaking & Writing


Writing gives me a natural outlet to share some of my thoughts and musings. Aside from my blog, I write for a few other websites and ministries from time to time. Here you can find some of the articles and postings that I have written.

Regarding the videos: I'll be honest, I don't really like seeing myself on video. However, my wife does and she thought y'all may want to see some of the short clips too. I've been blessed and humbled to have the chance to share the Gospel with thousands of people each year. Here are a few ways in which I've been able to teach over the last few years.


Overcoming Porn Addiction
at Chastity Project

When Our Belief is Tested
at UCatholic

Advent: A Time to Prepare
at Steubenville Fuel

Thanksgiving Every Day
at Steubenville Fuel


ShareJesus Lent Video 39: Why Does Jesus Have To Die?

Steubenville St. Louis Keynote